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Art Director, Shannan Greenhouse

Shannan enjoys solving problems for interesting people through excellent design. His love of Illustration brought him to the world of design, and after more than a decade of making functional art his excitement has only grown. During that journey Shannan has been privileged to work with over a thousand clients on innumerable projects, in marketing, printing, and design. He has explored many areas of design, including layout, photography, publishing, branding, and promotions. He employs the Adobe workflow, utilizing his skills as a freehand artist and painter, to bring a more personal aspect to production.

Shannan’s family lives in art. His wife Alison is a patient educator of the arts and together they are dragging their son, Grayson, into a lifelong love of art. Their underappreciated dog Hetch doesn’t know about art but he knows what he likes.


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